Deconfinement: owner of second home launches action against the state

Un owner of a secondary residence sent a bailiff on Tuesday to the office of the Minister of the Interior Pieter De Crem to bring him a summons to appear. The owner claims 50 euros per day from the State, because the measures taken to stem the spread of the new coronavirus prevent him from going to his residence on the Coast to pass the containment there, indicates to Belga his lawyer, Stijn Verbist, confirming information from Tijd.

The patience of second home owners has reached its limit, the lawyer said. His client, who wants to remain anonymous, claims that his right to property has been violated and therefore believes that he must obtain compensation. The case will be dealt with by the Civil Court of First Instance in Brussels. “No one questions the need for action. But if such measures are taken, they must be taken within the existing legal framework, “said the lawyer.


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