The leader of the senators Les Républicains (LR) Bruno Retailleau, very critical of the bill organizing deconfinement, said Sunday May 3, 2020 at Sunday Journal (JDD) that the senators of his party will seize the Constitutional Council in particular on the responsibility of the elected officials.

The Constitutional Council will be seized of the bill extending the state of health emergency and organizing deconfinement, which will be examined on Monday in the Senate, at the end of the legislative procedure, either by 60 senators, or by the president of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, says Bruno Retailleau at Sunday Journal.

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The right wants to legally protect local elected officials

The President of the Republic did not, in his eyes, keep his commitments on the responsibility of elected officials, adds Bruno Retailleau to explain this referral to the Council.

At a meeting on April 21, Emmanuel Macron made a commitment to Gérard Larcher to address the issue of the responsibility of local elected officials. But it is absent from the text, he argues.

The 63-page health protocol for schools is a discard pile. It is an aboveground gas plant that aims to protect bureaucracy and puts more constraints on elected officials than they can bear. These rules are all potential challenges to the criminal responsibility of an elected official, according to him.

Retailleau challenges government deconfinement strategy

Bruno Retailleau also indicates that the LR group, majority in the Senate, will abstain, like the majority of LR deputies, on the deconfinement strategy also presented in the Senate by the Prime Minister on Monday (before the examination of the bill) because we don’t want to vote against the principle of deconfinement but we have doubts about the conditions for its success.

The senator from Vendée sees in particular Gaping security breaches in the patient information system set up without anonymization, without no control body, neither for data collection, nor for their subsequent destruction, judging the StopCovid digital application more protective than what we are offered today.

The head of government builds his strategy like a gamble, crossing his fingers so that it does not turn into a disaster, while he on the contrary should have created the conditions to break the chain of contamination, generalize the masks, massify the tests, trace and isolate and train earlier the brigades planned for deconfinement, he says.


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