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Posted at 14:00 | November 23, 2021 | editorial office

RN reported nearly 6,500 dengue cases and confirmed just over 1,100

Photo: Archive / Brazilian Agency
As of November 20, 6,480 suspected cases have been reported in Rio Grande do Norte

The State Department of Public Health (Sesap) released this Wednesday (17), the latest epidemiological report on arboviruses in Rio Grande do Norte, covering the period from 1st to 46th epidemiological week, ended on November 20, 2021.

Until November 20, 6,480 suspected cases of dengue in RN were reported in Rio Grande do Norte, of which 1,158 were confirmed, 3,886 cases were considered probable, 2,594 were rejected and 1 death was confirmed.

As for chikungunya, up to the 46th epidemiological week, 5,311 suspected cases of the disease were reported in the RN, with 1,548 confirmed cases, 4,400 cases considered probable, 911 rejected and no deaths confirmed.

In the same period, 741 suspected cases of Zika virus infection were reported, with 166 confirmed cases, 388 cases considered probable, 353 rejected and no deaths confirmed.


Sesap, together with the population, confirms that, in addition to cooperating with the services of endemic control agents, it is necessary to continue to carefully prevent the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits arboviruses:

• Keep yards free from possible mosquito breeding sites;

• Use a sponge to clean your animals’ water tanks or reservoirs;

• Do not dispose of garbage in empty places;

• Always keep water tanks covered;

• Observe pots and pots with plants that accumulate standing water;

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• Look for places where stagnant water can accumulate, such as: refrigerator fountains and trays, drains, sinks and unused toilets;

• Receive a visit from an endemic pathogen, taking the opportunity to clarify possible suspicions;

• Keep tire waste and other objects that can collect water in a covered location.