Defending Democracy, Budget, Refugees … Emmanuel Macron’s European Grand Oral in Strasbourg


The head of state addressed Tuesday for the first time to MEPs. He delivered a plea for the defense of democracy in the EU, but also called for “going beyond the poisoned debate” on refugee allocation quotas.
It was his first big oral in front of MEPs gathered at Strasbourg . The French president, Emmanuel Macron, delivered, Tuesday, April 17, a plea for the defense of democracy in the European Union (EU), warning against “Authoritarian temptations” and the national folds, which awaken a “European civil war form” .
” I do not want make part of a generation of sleepwalkers ” In Strasbourg, he launched the French head of state in front of the MEPs with whom he exchanged for about three hours, punctuated by applause.
“I belong to a generation that has not known the war and is offering itself the luxury to forget what the predecessors have lived , he said, drawing a dark picture of the situation of the Old Continent against the backdrop of rising populism and anti-European sentiment in many countries:
“A form of European civil war is reappearing [ and] our national selfishness sometimes seems to us more important than what unites us with the rest of the world. world . ”

I do not want to belong to a generation of sleepwomen who forgets his past and refuses to see the torment of s … – EmmanuelMacron (@Emmanuel Macron)

This was the first speech delivered to the European Parliament, placed under high security, by the young French president, who had chosen The Ode to joy , of Beethoven, the European anthem, for celebrate his election, in May 2017.
He then proposed, in a speech at the Sorbonne in September, 80 initiatives to “Rebuilding Europe ” in particular by strengthening the euro area, generalizing the Erasmus program and taxing large business digital.
But this ambition has so far been hampered by the long crisis policy in Germany – whose Chancellor, Angela Merkel, will come discuss in turn to the European Parliament in November – and by the victories of Eurosceptic parties in the recent elections in Italy and in Hungary .
He called ” at organize the real European debate that will allow our people to to choose between those who want a Europe of withdrawal and those who are ready to carry a Europe of reinvented sovereignty, of a living democracy ” .
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The la France ready to increase its contribution to the European budget
For Europe to have the means of its ambitions and a “European sovereignty” facing international challenges, France “Is ready to increase its contribution” to the EU budget as part of the EU’s next post-2020 multi-annual post-Brexit budget, Macron said.
For find new resources, he proposed the removal of the rebates “Which would not to survive in Brexit » and also advocated for new European resources from a digital tax.
Regarding migration, one of the most divisive issues for Europeans, Emmanuel Macron called for “To go beyond the poisoned debate” on allocation quotas in the EU and proposed “of create a European program that directly supports the local communities hosting and integrating refugees ” .
“The real France is back. I welcome the return of France among us ” , welcomed the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, during the debate in plenary. But, he added, “Do not forget that Europe is not only Franco-German” .
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Macron waited in Berlin on Thursday
Emmanuel Macron is expected Thursday in Berlin to discuss the future of the euro area with Angela Merkel, whose conservative party, the CDU, criticized Monday including his idea of ​​creating a budget for the euro area to help investments.
In Strasbourg, the leader of the Socialists, Udo Bullmann hailed “Enthusiasm and passion for Europe” of the French president. “But words are not enough” , he warned, the appellant to “Concrete actions” and criticizing in particular the policy migratory Paris .
Mr Macron received on the support of the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), Guy Verhofstadt, who encouraged him to “Persevere” It front of “Conservative forces” . “Sometimes I get the impression that compared to the conservatives in Europe, even the SNCF is a bastion of reformists ” said the Belgian MEP, triggering laughter in the assembly.
In a virulent tone, Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts (Greens) attacked “Action in France” Mr. Macron, who “Undermines the motto” Freedom, equality, fraternity ” ” , criticizing arms sales, the nuclear or the dismantling of migrant camps.
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Defense of strikes in Syria
The French president once again defended the strikes Syria against chemical weapons sites by France, the United States and the United States. UK in the Chamber, where some MEPs had raised placards calling for “Stop the war in Syria” . Mr. Macron pleaded:
“These strikes do not regulate anything, but they put an end to a system we had become accustomed to, which is that, in a way, the law camp would have become the camp of the weak. ”

The strikes in Syria put an end to a system we were used to and which was, in a way, the … – EmmanuelMacron (@Emmanuel Macron)

At the end of the day, the atmosphere should be less formal center Epinal, where Mr. Macron will discuss the future of the Union with 200 to 300 people who have registered online.
The President explained in February that the objective of these “Citizen consultations” conducted in the 27 EU countries (excluding the United Kingdom), was “Free speech on Europe” in view of the 2019 European elections.


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