Defending Palestine, Qatari Taxi Driver Expels Israeli Journalists at the World Cup

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A taxi driver in Qatar kicked out media reporters Israel KAN News, Dor Hoffman, who was about to cover the 2002 World Cup event was over.

The taxi driver refused to transport the journalist after learning he was Israeli. The driver said Israel had “killed its brothers” in an alleged reference to Palestine.



The taxi driver immediately stopped the vehicle and dropped off the journalist after learning that Hoffman was from Israel.

This was revealed from Hoffman’s confession which he shared while covering the Qatar 2022 World Cup match.

Hoffman also said the driver refused to accept the money.

“He stopped me in the middle of nowhere, saying he wasn’t going to take the money because we killed his siblings,” Hoffman was quoted as saying. The Jerusalem Post.

Even so, Hoffman said he was fine and decided to find another taxi.

In addition, Hoffman also reported that he was closely escorted by security officers while on a beach in Qatar.

Hoffman said security officers suddenly came and kicked him and his team out of the public area.

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According to him, the security officers were deployed after he asked permission to a local restaurant to shoot there.

“The owner asked where we were from. [Lalu] he called security guards to escort us away after knowing we were Israelis,” he said.

The restaurant owner, said Hoffman, even had time to snatch his cell phone. Hoffman suspects the restaurant owner deleted all the photos taken at his restaurant.

“I feel threatened,” he admits.

“These are things that should be talked about,” Hoffman said.

Regarding this incident, Hoffman also reminded Israeli citizens traveling to Qatar to be careful. According to him, travelers must be able to maintain their own safety because an incident like what happened to him could happen to anyone.

“We must learn to deal with these incidents, as Israelis are often hostile. It can happen to anyone. We need to keep ourselves safe and understand that [perjalanan ke Qatar] It’s part of the job,” he said.

“I’m not interested in these kinds of stories, I want to talk about football.”

On Thursday, Hoffman joked on Twitter that “every Israeli traveling to Qatar should say they are from Malta. (Because) no one knows anything about Malta,” he tweeted.

Malta itself is an island nation in Southern Europe which is located about 80 kilometers south of Italy.

Qatar is known to be hosting the 2022 World Cup. Relations between Qatar and Israel so far have no official ties.

But Qatar has so far cooperated heavily with Israeli officials. Qatar also frequently receives Israeli requests regarding Kosher Food or food that is allowed to be consumed under Jewish law and receives direct flights from Jerusalem.


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