Defense documents found at a bus stop in England

An employee reported last week that he had lost the documents, which included a British warship’s voyage in the Black Sea.

On Tuesday, a random person reported that he had come across 50 pages of soaking wet classified documents behind a bus stop in Kent in the south of England.

– This should not have happened. It was a correct message about the loss, and an investigation is underway, says Brandon Lewis, who is the Minister of Northern Ireland, to Sky News.

Here is the route the ship followed when it is said to have been shelled – outside the Russian Sevastopol base on the occupied Crimean peninsula Photo: Marine Traffic / Reuters

The papers discussed the potential Russian reaction to the cruise off the Crimean peninsula this week, according to the BBC. It was also documents about British plans for further presence in Afghanistan.

Russia announced on Wednesday that it fired warning shots at the vessel after what it called a violation of Russian waters. Britain says the ship was on its way legally through Ukrainian waters, according to international law.

The papers suggest that Britain was fully aware that the raid would lead to a Russian reaction, but that an alternative course could be perceived by the Russians as “the British were frightened or ran away”

The picture of the ship published by Russia.  Photo: Russian Defense Ministry / Reuters

The picture of the ship published by Russia. Foto: Russian Defence Ministry / Reuters

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