Defense Minister Prabowo Supports Requirements for Lowering the Height of TNI Cadets Candidates


Minister of Defense (Menhan) Prabowo Subianto supports the decision to reduce the height requirements for cadets and TNI cadets. Prabowo said the decision was adjusted to the conditions of each region and ethnicity.

“I think it is adjusted to the conditions of each region and different tribes, all of which have very good potential for defense, so I support the adjustment,” Prabowo said at the JCC Senayan, Central Jakarta, Thursday (29/9/2022).

Not only that, the General Chairperson of Gerindra said that the achievements and advantages of prospective cadets and TNI cadets must also be taken into account. If not, he said, not only the state will lose, but also the TNI.



“If we only choose a criterion, only height, but the achievements, abilities, advantages, regional characteristics and so on are not taken into account, yes, I think we lose, the state loses, the TNI loses,” he said.

TNI Commander Explanation

The Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, General Andika Perkasa, revised the Regulation of the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces Number 31 of 2020 concerning the Admission of Soldiers. Some changes are seen in the age and height requirements of prospective cadets.

This change was conveyed by General Andika while attending the Central/Integrative Election for Admission of Indonesian Military Academy (TNI) cadets for Fiscal Year 2022 at the Magelang Military Academy, Central Java, some time ago. General Andika said this change was made in order to better accommodate prospective cadets.

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“So we are using the last regulation of the TNI Commander in 2020 Number 31, I have made changes. The changes are actually more accommodating,” said General Andika in a video that aired on the TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa’s YouTube channel as seen detik.comTuesday (27/9).

One of the changes is about the height of prospective cadets. The requirement for height of 163 cm for men is reduced to 160 cm. Meanwhile, the height requirement for women, which was previously 157, was lowered to 155 cm.

“For example, the height of the last Commander-in-Chief Regulation on which we are all currently based is 163 cm for men. For women it is 157 cm. I have lowered that,” said Andika.

He explained that this change was made in order to accommodate the general condition of Indonesian youth. Changes also appear with age.

“So I’ve made a revision in such a way that it accommodates the general condition of Indonesian youth. That’s the most important thing. Including age,” he said.