Defense – Ulm – General resigns: transfer of command with a large tattoo – Bavaria

Ulm (AP) – Ulm General Jürgen Knappe gave up command of two international military headquarters in the Wilhelmsburg barracks on Thursday. The 65-year-old is retiring and Alexander Sollfrank will take over his duties.

On his farewell, Knappe thanked the commandos in the Ulm region for their strong support. The use of the soldiers in dealing with the pandemic brought them a significant amount of additional recognition and increased the popularity of the Bundeswehr among the population, said Knappe of the German Press Agency. With the military ceremony of a Great Tattoo, he is retired.

In 2018, the lieutenant general assumed leadership of the multinational operational command and also commanded the so-called Joint Support and Enabling Command of the NATO defense alliance. The two commands are to support NATO in possible battles and logistical operations.

Knappe’s successor, Sollfrank (55), was previously involved in the principles of command and deployment of the armed forces on behalf of the Inspector General of the German Armed Forces and before that he was commander of the special forces command in Calw. He comes from Fürth in Bavaria.

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