DEG wins against Ausgsburg when the fans return

5: 3 against Augsburg
DEG wins when the fans return

The perfect kick-off weekend for the Düsseldorf ice hockey professionals: After the 6: 4 on Friday in Krefeld, DEG wins at home against Augsburg on Sunday. More than 5000 fans are thrilled.

At the end of an all-round successful ice hockey afternoon, there was a serenade for Bernhard Ebner. The defender of the Düsseldorfer EG was 31 years old on Sunday, and now he was standing there on the ice, the audience sang “Happy Birthday”, Ebner smiled and made the wave. Normally, the Bavarian-born is not one who pushes the focus, but even he could hardly have imagined his special day better: home start, first game in the Dome since one and a half in front of spectators, and then an emotional victory for DEG. It was 5: 3 (0: 1, 2: 0, 3: 2) against the Augsburg Panthers, and because there was already a 6: 4 in Krefeld on Friday, the first weekend of the German Ice Hockey League from Düsseldorf’s point of view can be as Success.

Not everyone expected that, DEG is generally not trusted so much, striker Tobias Eder was correspondingly satisfied afterwards: “We have impressively demonstrated that the team is definitely suitable for the league,” said Eder, who missed the mark with his goal Tor made the decision. The 5248 fans in the Rather Dome were finally in a party mood.

A few hours earlier it had started in a similarly emotional way. The Altbier song was sung as loud as it hadn’t been for years. Everything that DEG fans were not allowed to live out for a year and a half had to be removed. In the game it was similar, there was singing and clapping everywhere. That was different before.

In terms of sport, the first third belonged to the guests from Augsburg. The young DEG defense, which again had to do without the experienced Kyle Cumiskey and Joonas Järvinen, came under pressure again and again. 1.6 seconds before the end of the third it was done. And it was well into the second section before DEG had an answer. However, it turned out to be spectacular: First Victor Svensson scored in the majority to 1: 1, only seven seconds later Brendan O’Donnell to 2: 1. That O’Donnell, whom manager Niki Mondt hired a few days ago because he was the one “who wants to score goals”.

Of course, the Augsburgers wanted that too, who for their part had various chances. Especially in the majority, because the petty referees repeatedly gave penalties – on both sides. Accordingly, the game remained open. Only when captain Alexander Barta added the 3: 1 at the beginning of the last third and DEG then understood better how to get out of their own zone, things seemed to relax a little. Especially when the next Augsburg player had to go to the penalty bench five minutes before the end. But now it got really wild: Underpaid goal, next penalty DEG, compensation. All within 60 seconds. But just 20 seconds later there was a penalty on the other side. Outnumbered DEG, goal DEG, this time by Jerry D’Amigo. Shortly afterwards, Eder hit the empty goal. Only now was the game over. It was far from the party.


Düsseldorfer EG – Augsburger Panther 5: 3 (0: 1, 2: 0, 3: 2)
DEG: Tor: Hane (Pantkowski); Defense: Nowak, Heinzinger – Geitner, Ebner – Zitterbart, Trinkberger – Schiemenz; Attack: Eder, Barta, Ehl – Fischbuch, Olson, D’Amigo – Fischer, MacAulay, Proft – Postel, Svensson, O’Donnell
Referee: Rantala / Schadewaldt
Viewers: 5248
Tore: 0:1 (19:59) McClure (Campbell), 1:1 (31:14) Svensson (Ehl, Nowak/5-4), 2:1 (31:21) O’Donnell (MacAulay, Heinzinger), 3:1 (44:37) Barta (Geitner, Ehl), 3:2 (55:00) Trevelyan (4-5), 3:3 (55:59) Graham (McClure, Leblanc), 4:3 (56:27) D’Amigo (MacAulay, Fischbuch/5-4), 5:3 (59:46) Eder (Barta, Heinzinger/5-6)
Penalty minutes: 10:12
Shots on goal: 30:22