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"Degenerate population": when Brigitte Bardot attacks Reunion

In an open letter, Brigitte Bardot accuses the Réunionnais of "barbarism" against animals.

"Degenerate population", "barbarian traditions", "demonic island": Brigitte Bardot violently attacks the inhabitants of the island of Reunion in an open letter to the prefect, accusing them of mistreating animals.

"The natives kept their genes (sic) savages," writes the former actress in the letter dated March 18 and made public on Tuesday, accusing the Reunion of "barbarism" against animals.

"Reminiscences of Cannibalism"

In this very virulent letter, Brigitte Bardot, 84, evokes pell-mell "reminiscences of cannibalism of past centuries", "a degenerate population still imbued with ancestral customs, barbaric traditions that are their stumps".

The animal activist still speaks of a "demonic island" and points out the fate of dogs and cats, as well as the "Indian Tamil festivals with beheadings and goats offering their gods offal thrown into the sea attracts sharks ".

Already sentenced for incitement to hatred

The activist of the animal cause has already been sentenced five times for incitement to racial hatred, especially for remarks made against Muslims.

The convictions of the former icon of the French cinema were aimed against the Muslim population which according to her "destroys us, destroys our country by imposing its acts", or against "clandestine or beggars (who) profane and take assault our churches to turn them into human pigsty. "

The reactions were not long in coming. Overseas Minister Annick Girardin reacted to Brigitte Bardot's letter on her Twitter account, announcing that she would file a complaint with the prefect.

On Twitter too, Senator UDI Reunion Nassimah Dindar reacted immediately.

Just like the MP PS Reunion, Ericka Bareigts.

"Are you born before shame @brigitte_bardot? What indignity! No fight, as noble as it can not justify such slippage," said the deputy LFI of Guyana Gabriel Serville.

On social networks, many Reunionese have denounced his "uninhibited racism" and "incitement to racial hatred".

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