Del Vecchio, who are the eight heirs: the role of his wife and the role of Rocco Basilico

The eight heirs of Del Vecchio

Each of the eight members of the family received a 12.5% ​​stake in the capital of Delfin, the safe that owns the shares in Essilux and the financial holdings in Generali and Mediobanca. Each has assets worth 3.75 billion lire. The shareholders of the holding are Claudio, Marisa and Paola Del Vecchio (children of the first wife Luciana Nervo), Leonardo Maria (the only son of Nicoletta and Del Vecchio), and Luca and Clemente (from his partner Sabina Grossi) and Rocco Basilico (born from the marriage between Nicoletta and her first husband Paolo Basilico). According to the principle of equity and value that Del Vecchio recognized to the family, all the heirs are thus on the same level. The role of Essilux entrusted to the CEO and president Francesco Milleri who will share the group’s strategy with the Delfin board and the eight heirs.