Delay loses after corona stress: ‘Not used to fighting an invisible opponent’

After Verlijken was labeled as close contact of the taekwondoka, the corona measures became even stricter. “I’ve been in my room for the past few days, I only went to the toilet and to the dining room and we trained one more time,” he says just after his lost duel.

But he always tested negative and was allowed to take action. “Fortunately I was allowed to start. She is now in her room in quarantine for seven or eight days. I have been very sad for a good sports friend.”

‘Was on the same flight, on the same bus’

Verlijken and Oogink know each other very well. “We used to be in class together, trained together. Coincidentally, she’s the only athlete I’ve talked to and taken pictures with.” Oogink posted one of those photos on Instagram:

After Oogink’s positive test, Verlijken isolated himself. “I was on the same flight, in the same bus. That was very annoying, but I was able to get over it.”

‘The whole of TeamNL is talking about it’

Still. Verlagen admits: “You can’t escape being busy with it. The whole of TeamNL is talking about it. Disinfecting your hands 20,000 times. Pressing buttons with your knuckles, opening sounds with the sleeve over your hand. You’re going to do that kind of craziness. “