Delayed cancer treatment because she was pregnant, her children were born but she died


I kept reading In December 2016, Danielle Dick was 32 years old, married to Tyler and the mother of Taylor, one year old. She was happy at that moment because she had just learned that the girl would have little brothers: she had become pregnant with twins. But life gives surprises and are not always what we expect. A skin cancer put his destiny in check. Four months later to learn that she would be a mother again the doctors detected a stage 4 melanoma. There were not many options, he had to decide between an aggressive treatment against his illness that could stretch his life for at least five years but could affect his pregnancy (which had already taken 17 weeks) or prioritize the lives of the babies that were coming and put at risk yours. He did not think too much. He put his children as a priority and rejected the treatment. She gave birth to the twins Colby and Reagan, who barely weighed 1.4 kilograms, but soon recovered. His illness was already advanced so from that moment the doctors explained he could only get worse if he did not undergo radiotherapy. He did not care and he played for his children. He carried the pregnancy as far as he could. There was no alternative in week 29 of gestation and, in view of the deterioration of Danielle’s health, they performed a cesarean section for the twins to be born. Taylor was his first daughter. Then he found out about the deadly disease. This gave birth to Colby and Reagan, who barely weighed 1.4 kilograms, but soon recovered. Immediately the doctors started the treatment to fight for the life of Danielle and she also had a remarkable improvement in her health, but it was too late. The cancer spread to different parts of his body. She was transferred to a hospital in Houston to perform a novel and hard treatment for a month but there she suffered an intrahospital infection and five days later she died. The family, happy with their three children. Danielle died ten months after the birth of the twins. On April 26, ten months after the twins were born, Danielle died at her home in Houston, accompanied by her family. “There was enough time for the family to arrive and be with her. We are all disconsolate and devastated and we can not imagine a life without it ” he said to Daily Mail one of his sisters. The intertwined hands of Tyler and Danielle. In June 2017, the family had created a campaign in Go Fund Me to pay for Danielle’s treatment and help her children. The campaign is still open and It has raised more than $ 38,000 to date.


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