“Delete a subscriber”: Twitter is stepping up its fight against harassment by allowing the list of its subscribers to be sorted! | SOSOrdi.net

When sometimes opinions diverge and some people (in addition to sometimes not reading the sentences or related related content while continuing a counter-argument …) are insistent or persistent, the best is unfortunately to freeze the conversation. If fairly radical tools such as blocking are already effective on the social network, it is now possible, since October 11, 2021, to delete a subscriber …

Announced since September 7, the feature allows “delete a subscriber”From the list of subscribers-user. To do this, just click on the “…” located next to the pseudonym and select the option, also, quite radical.

The subscriber in question will not receive any notification but will be able to see, in manual, that they have been removed from the list. A pragmatic measure for those suffering from harassment on the social network but, for those concerned, quite sharp: at will, a user can judge who will have the right to follow him or not which is quite elitist without mentioning – except in cases of harassment – the reinforcement of a contempt or resentment between the users thus maintained or, in the end, the meager content or diversity of opinion of the debates-discussions which, theoretically, make the salt of a social network . We can bet that there will be a feature as accessible as the deletion-subscriber, in the event of abuse of this feature … To be continued!

Source: Twitter Support (Twitter) – September 7, October 11, 2021 – Remove a subscriber.

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