Delfina Pignatiello deleted much of the content from her social networks and left a message about her mental health

“I want to take care of my mental health.” The phrase of Delfina Pignatiello is a wake-up call after your participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Her performance was not what she expected and after being left out of the final in the 800 and 1500 meter tests, she used social networks -as she usually does- to interact with her followers. In the last hours, however, he made an unexpected decision.

“People are very cruel, and no matter how much they ignore, I want to take care of my mental health above all things,” the Argentine swimmer wrote about her figure on social networks and streaming platforms. Dolphin put his Instagram account in private mode, restricted comments and deleted videos and photos from your companion account (@Soulisbw). In addition, he deleted all his videos from his YouTube channel (with 72,500 subscribers and one and a half million views) and only left a message for his fans on his Twich profile: “I don’t stream anymore, thanks to those who banked me forever”.

The 21-year-old swimmer from San Isidro had left a message days ago to the “haters” who criticized her on social networks. Hours later, he made this decision and explained the reasons on Discord, where he chat with his followers. “Sorry, from the heart. I would love to continue streaming and continue with the YouTube channel, but I am in a situation that exceeds me. I feel very hurt and need to prioritize my mental health and well-being. I do not know what will happen from now on, but know that I will miss you, “he wrote before emphasizing that” people are very cruel.

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Pignatiello, in private mode (IG Delfina Pignatiello)

Pignatiello’s participation in Tokyo was not good: he finished last in the 800-meter series with a time of 8m44s / 85. It was his second bad result in a week, after the also unexpected 16m33s / 69 in the 1500s.

“I couldn’t recover from last Monday’s test, I tried to change the chip but I couldn’t. Despite my performance, I am enjoying the Games ”, she had commented at the time. The junior Olympic runner-up had registered a time less than her South American record in 20 seconds and 52 thousandths at the Tokyo Aquatic Center.

Delfina Pignatiello shared a provocative message on social networks.

The Argentine swimmer had competed last Monday, when she could not qualify for the next round in the knockout event of 1,500 meters freestyle, in which the American Katie Ledecki won.

Pignatiello decided to celebrate with joy what his Olympic experience was and preferred to leave the analysis of his performance for later.

It makes me want to come back in the next Games with another head and other training. I prepared a lot for this, it is what I always dreamed of, with my convictions. I am clear that it is a long race, it is neither a before nor an after ”, concluded Pignatiello.

The young Argentine swimmer had another bad performance after coming out last in the 800-meter freestyle test.