DelfinGroup IPO is the first of its kind on the Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange Business

According to the IPO prospectus, the subscription of new shares of AS DelfinGroup will take place from 2021. September 28 Until 2021 October 11 (inclusive). The shares will be available to retail investors from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as institutional investors from all European Economic Area (EEA) countries. AS DelfinGroup has the right to publicly offer and issue up to 7,300,000 new shares (with the possibility of redistribution of an additional 1,095,000 shares). The subscription price for each new share is EUR 1.52. Minimum investment – 1 share.

Didzis Ādmīdiņš, Chairman of the Board of AS DelfinGroup: “We are very pleased that AS DelfinGroup will start the first IPO on the Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange from 2017. All regulatory authorities acknowledged the company’s maturity and readiness, the quality of the prospectus and compliance with regulatory enactments that AS DelfinGroup already in 2021 September 28 would launch an initial public offering of shares on Nasdaq Riga. AS DelfinGroup plans to be included in the main list of Nasdaq Baltic immediately after the IPO. Currently, only 32 Baltic companies are on the Baltic main list, and only three of them are from Latvia. AS DelfinGroup is a long-term, profitable, well-managed company with a reliable fintech-based business model and an attractive dividend policy, as well as a successful Nasdaq Riga bond issuer experience. The IPO will be the foundation for the company’s further development, facilitating faster growth.

During the IPO, AS DelfinGroup plans to raise up to 12.76 million. gross income. All the capital raised will be used for further development of the company and reduction of financing costs. The current shareholders of AS DelfinGroup will not sell their shares during the IPO process.

AS DelfinGroup will be one of the few listed companies in the Baltics that pays large quarterly dividends to its shareholders. AS DelfinGroup follows the established policy, according to which it is intended to pay dividends on a quarterly basis, distributing up to 50% of the shares. quarterly profit. In addition, once a year, after the approval of the annual report, the company may choose to pay additional dividends (annual dividends). During the financial year, the company plans to distribute at least 50 percent to shareholders. consolidated profit.

AS DelfinGroup’s IPO advisors are LHV Bank and Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns. More information about the planned IPO can be found at:

AS DelfinGroup has announced the company’s long-term financial goals for 2024. Until 2024 The company plans to double its consolidated net loan portfolio to more than $ 70 million by the end of 2007. euros. Gradually increasing profitability in 2024. the company plans to reach 17.6 million. EUR EBITDA and EUR 12.9 million profit before tax.

The authorized capital of the company is currently 40,000,000 shares, each with a nominal value of 0.10 euros.

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