delicious weekly diet and lose 2/3 kg in 7 days!

After a weekend food and wine or a short period of overeating it is easy to find yourself with a couple of kg too many. Losing them is neither difficult nor long: one is enough diet per lose weight structured with a weekly diet to regain the ideal weight. Taking advantage of the many properties of vegetables, especially zucchini, to lose weight quickly and above all in a healthy way. – about 2/3 kg in just 7 days! Get started today!

This diet per lose weight it is simple to follow: it is simply a matter of inserting a portion of about 200 g of zucchini for lunch and dinner, a dose that can also be increased if you feel hungry. Otherwise, the daily menu should consist of a small portion of whole grains and a source of lean protein, such as fish, lean cuts of meat and, once a week, eggs. This diet weekly it is functional above all to cleanse the organism from the alimentary excesses of a short period.



– BREAKFAST: 125 g of non-fat Greek yogurt with 50 g of whole grain oat flakes, berries and nuts. – SNACK: a seasonal fruit. – LUNCH: spaghetti with zucchini and swordfish. Green salad. A pack of crackers. – SNACK: 1 apple and 2 walnuts. – PRICE: 150 g of chicken marinated in aromatic herbs and grilled. Steamed zucchini. A slice of wholemeal bread.


– BREAKFAST: a cup of green tea. A plain yogurt with 50 g of oat flakes, dried fruit and fresh fruit. – SNACK: a juice of fruit and vegetables. – LUNCH: 150 g of bresaola. Two stuffed courgettes. Two slices of wholemeal bread. – SNACK: 20 g of dried fruit. – PRICE: cream of zucchini and fennel. 180g of sea bream tartare topped with lemon juice and ginger. Two slices of wholemeal bread.

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– BREAKFAST: a sugar-free barley coffee. Two wholemeal rusks with 100% hazelnut cream. Fresh blueberries. – SNACK: a seasonal fruit. – LUNCH: 60 g of wholemeal pasta topped with zucchini, saffron and shrimp sauce. – SNACK: a low-fat white yogurt with bitter cocoa powder. – PRICE: 150 g of baked salmon; courgette salad cut à la julienne, dressed with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and mint.


– BREAKFAST: a green tea. 130 g of porridge with white low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit and 3 nuts. – SNACK: a herbal tea. Three nuts. – LUNCH: 150 g of curried chicken and courgettes with 60 g of wholemeal Basmati rice. – SNACK: a seasonal fruit. – PRICE: courgette lasagna and lentil ragout.


– BREAKFAST: a bitter coffee. A Greek yogurt with kiwi, almonds, oat flakes and cinnamon. – SNACK: a freshly squeezed citrus juice. Five almonds. – LUNCH: 150 g of roast turkey. Wok sautéed courgettes with water, a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, a clove of garlic and a pinch of herb salt. – SNACK: fresh fruit of the season. – PRICE: 180 g of zucchini rolls with ricotta. Two slices of rye bread.


– BREAKFAST: a freshly squeezed citrus juice. A slice of homemade cake with wholemeal flour and yogurt. A fruit. – SNACK: a herbal tea. 5 hazelnuts. – LUNCH: stuffed zucchini; brown rice and lentils, flavored with curry. – SNACK: a low-fat yogurt with cinnamon. – PRICE: baked omelette, prepared with 2 eggs and courgettes. Two slices of wholemeal bread.


– BREAKFAST: a bitter coffee; 125 g of kefir with 50 g of spelled flakes, 5 hazelnuts and pieces of fresh fruit. – SNACK: a herbal tea; 5 hazelnuts. – LUNCH: 180 g of tuna tataki with sesame seeds and steamed zucchini, seasoned with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and lemon. – SNACK: a seasonal fruit. – PRICE: 150 g of quinoa and zucchini meatballs cooked in the oven.
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