Delta patients suffer from these severe symptoms

26. August 2021 – 7:18 clock

Low vaccination rate is now taking revenge

For a long time, Australia, along with New Zealand, was considered a model state in terms of Corona. Many people in charge believe that you can shield yourself very well on an island. The result: too few people have been vaccinated. This is taking its toll now. The Australian state of New South Wales with the metropolis of Sydney, for example, is not getting its severe corona wave under control – despite a lockdown that has been in place for eight weeks. An Australian doctor is now making the population drastically clear that only a vaccination can help.

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Delta variant ensures increasing numbers

Australia, with a population of 25 million, has long been successful in the fight against the virus thanks to strict rules and closed external borders. Experts are now blaming the sluggish vaccination campaign and the delta variant for the increasing numbers. So does the physician Dr. Lucy Morgan. In total, around 45,700 cases have been confirmed nationwide. More than 980 people have died linked to the virus.

Even a week-long lockdown does not succeed in preventing the further spread of the virus in Australia,

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Nausea, tiredness, headache, diarrhea – and a terrible cough

The lung specialist Dr. Lucy Morgan spoke in a joint press conference with New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian about the toll the Delta strain of coronavirus is taking on her patients. Covid-19 patients had to struggle with unbearable nausea, fatigue, diarrhea and severe migraine-like headaches that cause a stiff neck and sensitivity to light, the high-ranking doctor described the symptoms of the patients.

“A lot of my patients also have a terrible cough, the kind of cough that makes you breathless, unable to move or speak without the cough getting really bad,” she added.

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Call an ambulance immediately!

The doctor, who works at Nepean and Concord hospitals in Sydney, said that the virus’ initial symptoms are similar to those of a cold or flu – but then quickly get worse. “The symptoms are often so mild that they are unnoticeable – a little sore throat, maybe a little cough,” she said. “But some people get breathless and dizzy.” Symptoms that require urgent medical attention. The doctor said that anyone who experiences any of these symptoms should call an ambulance immediately.

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Families are being torn apart

She further described how families were torn apart by the virus, in some cases she had seen that parents were being treated in different hospitals than their children for Covid-19. Some had their partners in other hospitals and had to leave their young children behind as “Covid orphans” in the children’s hospital because the grandparents had been vaccinated – or had Covid-19 themselves.

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“Get vaccinated!”

She called on Australians to get vaccinated to reduce the chances of ending up in a Covid ward. “It doesn’t have to be you,” she said. “Two doses of a Covid-19 vaccination are your protective shield. They protect you from contracting the virus, being hospitalized and ending up in the intensive care unit.” (dpa/ija)

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