Demerdzhiev with warm recognition for the arrest of Borisov

The law is the cause that must be followed, the interior minister pointed out

The US report on corruption in our country is not something new. This position was expressed on bTV by Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev.

Demerdzhiev also said that more has stated from the very beginning that the illegal arrest of GERB leader Boyko Borisov was not justified, whatever good intentions may have been behind it.

According to him, these findings have been talked about for a long time in our country. The police used to beat the citizens, today the same police escort elderly people on footpaths, according to him. The law is the cause that must be followed, the energy minister pointed out.

There is no more violence against migrants trying to invade our country like there used to be. Police officers detect and arrest police officers, he pointed out in human trafficking cases. A large number of law enforcement officers show intolerance for deviations from official duties on the part of their colleagues.

The growth of migrant pressure for the last three months is 45%. According to Ivan Demerdzhiev, the EC found that we are dealing better with the migrant pressure. 110 kilometers of the border will be technically secured with European funds.

Almost 2,000 states will be restored to Border Patrol and new cars will be purchased for our border guards.

The goal of the Ministry of the Interior is to prevent migrants from being allowed on our territory. Our border guards could not handle long-barreled weapons and now they are being trained. Thousands of traffickers have been detained, according to Minister Demerdzhiev. They come from all over Europe.

The state marginalized the people in the ghettos and turned them into voting machines, with these words he commented on the case in Kazanlak. The police have repeatedly prevented clashes between these two families. The Ministry of the Interior implements prevention and makes efforts to fight domestic crime, Demerdzhiev pointed out. We are returning police officers where there were none for a long time, he added.

His fears that the paper ballot will increase the bought vote are justified, it became clear from the words of the interior minister. Mayors offered unusual services such as providing social services or firewood in exchange for a vote for a certain force.

48 are the pre-trial proceedings for vote trading, Demerdzhiev pointed out.

The risk sections are clear to the Ministry of the Interior and they are in the neighborhoods. The payment was made in parts and even after the election day. Ivan Demerdzhiev reported good interaction with the prosecutor’s office, but it could have been even better. Its main priority is security and peace of mind for Bulgarian citizens.

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