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Home News Democrat Gavin Newsom will be the new governor of California

Democrat Gavin Newsom will be the new governor of California

The democrat
  Gavin Newsom
  Will be the new governor of California (USA) after defeating today the Republican businessman John Cox, according to the estimates released after the closing of the polls by the NBC and CNN networks.

With 31% of the vote counted, Newsom, clear favorite in the polls, achieved 56% of the votes against 44% of Cox.

Newsom will replace Jerry Brown, an institution in California and the Democratic Party that has been the governor of the Golden State for 16 years in two different sections: from 1975 to 1983 and from 2011 to the present.

After confirming his victory, Newsom delivered a speech full of optimism and Californian pride in Los Angeles and also used to attack, without naming him, against the president of the country, Donald Trump.

"It is time to put an end to the policies of chaos and cruelty, the time to go further and go together, of decency, of facts, of trust and truth," he said.

"If you wonder if a melting pot of cultures of 40 million people made up of different faces, different families and different futures, can live and prosper, California is your answer," he added.

"This is not just a state of resistance: California is a statement of results," he said.

On the other hand, Cox, with little experience in the world of politics ("I am an entrepreneur, not a politician", usually defined in public), admitted the defeat from San Diego, although he highlighted the achievements of his campaign.

"If there is something we did, and I consider myself very proud of it, we emphasize the incredible problems that people in this state have had for years (…) The fact that they can not afford housing, gasoline, the basic things in life, "he said.

"And let me tell you: the Republican Party will return in this state," he said.

Lieutenant Governor of the state and former mayor of San Francisco, Newsom, 51, will lead a state that, sinceTrump came to the White House in January 2017, has become an important focus of resistance to controversial policies President of the USA

Democratic fiefdom and with great diversity throughout the state, California has opposed politically and in the courts to Trump's measures on issues such as climate change or immigration.

Newsom will inherit a state, which is the fifth economy in the world, in a good financial situation with healthy accounts and a robust growth sustained in Silicon Valley, the megalopolis of Los Angeles and the agriculture of the interior.

In parallel, California has been plunged, however, in an unprecedented housing crisis and has become the state with the highest poverty rate adjusted by territory.

With almost 40 million inhabitants (40% of them Latinos), California is living something similar to a "boredom of success", since the immense wealth generated in recent decades by the technology industry has enriched a part of the population triggering the cost of living and plunging the other into poverty.

The lack of housing in general and affordable housing in particular, as well as the fight against poverty and against increasing inequality (4 of the 7 cities with the most homeless people in the country are in California) are among Newsom's main challenges.


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