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Because of the mass protests in Hong Kong In 2014, prominent leaders of the Democracy Movement were sentenced to prison terms of up to 16 months. Juror Benny Tai and social scientist Chan Kin-Man have been jailed for 16 months. Two other protest leaders were sentenced to eight months imprisonment. Other activists received probation or social services.

Two weeks ago, the Hong Kong court had already convicted several MPs, renowned academics and student leaders of incitement or conspiracy to disrupt public order. Now the sentence was announced.

The defendants were convicted on the basis of a law from the
British colonial era, in the event of a disturbance of public order
Imprisonment of up to seven years. All activists were in
 guilty of at least one charge. The process was from
Human rights organizations have been criticized.

Tai, Chan and Baptist minister Chu Yiu Ming founded the Occupy Central movement for political reform in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2013. The following year, they joined the student protests of the so-called umbrella movement. At times, tens of thousands of protesters protested for more democracy and free elections in Hong Kong. The pro-democracy movement had 2014 parts of the seven million
Inhabitants of the Asian economic and financial metropolis
paralyzed for weeks.

The former British Crown Colony Hong Kong had been returned to China in 1997. Under the principle of "one country, two systems", the People's Republic of China has promised Hong Kong 50 years of far-reaching internal autonomy. In Hong Kong, unlike in the People's Republic of China, fundamental rights such as freedom of opinion and press freedom apply. However, the opposition accuses the Chinese government of interfering increasingly in Hong Kong's affairs, violating the autonomy agreements.



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