Democrats submit report to Ukraine affair


DDemocrats in the US House of Representatives' intelligence committee have submitted their report on impeachment investigations against President Donald Trump. The Democrats see their allegations against Trump confirmed in the Ukraine affair, as revealed by the report released on Tuesday. Committee chair Adam Schiff wrote on Twitter that the investigations had revealed "overwhelming and undisputed evidence" that Trump had abused his post to solicit foreign interference in the 2020 US elections to his advantage.

The Democrats also criticized in their report that Trump was the first president in American history to attempt to block the House of Representatives' investigation into possible impeachment. The Republicans – who are a minority in the House of Representatives – had already presented their report on Monday. There, the allegations of the Democrats against Trump in the Ukraine affair in bows and turns were rejected. There are no reasons that justified the impeachment of the president, according to the Republican report.

Now the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives will deal with a possible impeachment procedure. There is a hearing scheduled for this Wednesday. The Democrats accuse Trump of putting pressure on his Ukrainian colleague Volodymyr Selenskyj to investigate his political rival Joe Biden. According to allegations Trump is said to have made a visit of Selenskyj in the White House and the release of important military aid for Kiev dependent. Trump rejects that.

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