A HONEST supermarket seems to be demolished to make room for a new health center and library.

Plans to turn Tesco Metro into a modern, new facility at Little Lever have been in preparation since the deal moved from Market Street to Crossley Street in late 2014.

Two planning applications for the project were approved – one in September 2016 and another in November last year – which involved the remodeling of the building rather than a complete remodeling.

But Bolton Council leaders are expected to give the green light to knock it down and get back to work next week's next Cabinet meeting.

In a tweet sent to District Chief David Evans, Council President Linda Thomas said: "We have heard your concerns about a new library for Little Lever and have agreed with you that it should be a new construction and not a renovation." I am pleased to share with the public plans for this much needed facility. "

Cllr Evans told Bolton News that he was pleased with the news – which still needs to be signed by the Cabinet – adding that this was his "preferred option".

He said, "If you're in the construction game, if you start with a blank piece of paper, you can do it the way you want, and in the end, that made a lot of sense because it was financially funded."

And he defended the fact that the council was going over the plans "back to the drawing board".

He said, "This is a unique opportunity, and instead of sticking to something, you have the opportunity to build something more sustainable that benefits the community better."

Regarding the challenge faced by those who work on the plans, he said, "They had a cube and stuck with this design to make the most of a bad job, if you take a step back it is much more meaningful not to renew the conversion, but to give us much more scope. "

He added that the construction would be fundamentally more expensive than converting the former store, but "not an alarming amount," adding that a series of patchworks would be more expensive in the long run. "

But UKIP leader Sean Hornby, who also represents Little Lever, questioned why it had until now been necessary to decide that the building was inappropriate for the proposed purpose.

He said, "It looks like this is going to happen, but the argument is, 'Why have we wasted so much time in the last 18 months to finally get to the point where we have to tear it down?' ;

"They had to keep a close eye on this building, and it's virtually impossible to turn a supermarket into a modern health center and library.

"We could have done these tests many months ago before submitting another planning application."

Cllr Hornby says his UKIP group continues to support the project, but is unimpressed by the residents' anti-social behavior on the site before the city council recently took measures to secure it.

And unlike Cllr Evans, he believes that the cost of a new construction will be significantly higher than the rescheduling – the price will rise from around £ 2.3m to around £ 3.1m, although some money from Bolton Clinical would come commissioning group.

He added, "We will be very, very supportive, but questions must be asked as to why the due diligence for this building was not carried out when the council originally bought it."



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