Demolition work on the Verrerie tower has started in Montluçon (Allier)

Arrival Wednesday, November 24, at the stroke of 7 am, in the Ville-Gozet district, the excavator in charge of the demolition of tower D de la Verrerie went into action at the end of the morning. Equipped with an arm of forty-one meters at the end of which is a cutting pliers, the impressive machine should take two weeks to overcome the building.

This project, which should last until January, while the site is to be repaired, is being carried out by the company Demcy, the deconstruction subsidiary of the Eiffage group. The works supervisor, Julian Neuvecelle, from the Clermont-Ferrand agency, tells us more about the work initiated by Montluçon Habitat as part of the urban renewal operation (ANRU).

A clipping phase

Is this site not really new to you? Indeed, you should know that there have already been several phases. First, the interior deconstruction, that is to say the cleaning. Then, asbestos removal. Then, a clipping part where we lowered two levels of floor with four mini excavators directly on the roof. Without forgetting of course the exterior cladding. In fact, it is a project that started in April.

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Why have you nibbled at the top two floors rather than having everything demolished in one fell swoop? It was primarily a matter of security. The less height there is, the more the risks are reduced. After that, you also need a height that is accessible for the shovel that you have. We have a shovel with a forty-one meter arm that allows us to work from thirty-seven to thirty-eight meters.

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Does working in a very urban environment change anything for you? Yes because there is a real constraint of space. Usually, there is always an angle to take so that the building is deconstructed in the best conditions, so that the rubble does not fall out just any way. Here, because of the space problem, there is only one angle of attack by the east gable (near the Bienvenue residence, the largest of the three HLM buildings in La Verrerie, Editor’s note). We could not take other sides, otherwise there would be the problem of closing the streets.

You should know that we need forty meters back from the building that we do not have on the other sides.

“On this site, we have a real constraint of space”, estimates Julian Neuvecelle, works supervisor at Demcy.

Is it a problem to be forced to attack from the east pinion? No. What is more complicated to manage is the fact that there are roads nearby, one which is closed and the other two which are still active. We have staff who are there to circulate, leave the roads accessible and do not endanger users.

In terms of demolition, are there any set objectives? That is to say, do three to four meters per day … No. The only objective is safety above all. The only thing we know is that the actual demolition site is supposed to last two weeks. The superstructures, namely all the aerial parts of the building, must all have fallen.

Where is all the rubble evacuated? They will go to a recycling platform which is ten kilometers from the site. A contract was signed with a local partner who is with us on this project. We have to evacuate the rubble as we go along because we have no space on site. They cannot be stored during the entire demolition.

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Purge infrastructure

Once the building is demolished, what’s next? It will remain for us to purge the infrastructures, that is to say the ground, the foundations with the four peripheral walls of the basement which will be preserved to keep the stability of the roads. Afterwards, we will make backfill with materials, crushed and recycled concrete, what is called aggregate compacted by layer, which goes from sand up to three centimeters in diameter, so as to make a platform in good condition. state.

And after you asphalt? No, it is not in our market. After the two weeks of demolition, it will take us two weeks to finish the ground floor and finish removing the rubble. In January, there will be the underground, backfilling and finishing phases.

Cost. The cost of the site is two million euros. It is mainly financed by the urban renewal agency (ANRU) with the financial support of Action Logement, the departmental council, Montluçon community, etc.
Site. Once the work is completed, Montluçon Habitat, through the voice of its director Roselyne Vavra, thinks of putting “a little parking with green and fun spaces”.
Tour. The second tower, dark blue in color, which is on the other side of the Bienvenue residence, is to be demolished in 2022

Fabrice Redon