Demonstration against the health pass: 600 to 700 people marched in Chartres this Saturday

Under a cloudy sky, Place Châtelet, 600 to 700 people were gathered, according to our observations, shortly after 2:30 p.m., at the call of the FO and CGT departmental unions. This is almost double the 300 demonstrators counted last week in Chartres.

The union called for demonstrations against the health pass and the compulsory vaccination of caregivers. “There, it is the work which is called into question. The fact of threatening the carers of dismissal, whereas they are vaccinated to more than 90%, does not make any sense”, estimates Nicole Mas, of the office of the ‘Departmental Union FO, before the start of the event.

About 300 people demonstrate against the health pass in Chartres

The demonstrators against the health pass and the compulsory vaccination of caregivers, however, want to differentiate themselves from the “antivax”, these opponents of vaccination:

“I have nothing against vaccines, I am vaccinated myself, but it is out of the question to force humans to be vaccinated.”

Catherine, maintenance worker (empty)

“I am therefore against measures related to the health pass,” she continues.

The secretary of the Departmental Union of the CGT, Chantal Lefèvre, hopes that the health pass will not be compulsory for employees: “We must stop reprimanding employees by threatening them.” For her, it is a “pass-dismissal which will serve as reasons to hire fewer caregivers and dismiss more”.

More than 160,000 demonstrators against government measures to fight the resumption of the epidemic

Among the demonstrators, there were not only caregivers. But those interviewed among these personnel appeared to be the most worried, like Priscilla, an unvaccinated carer, who says she is worried about the fear of losing her job: “I’m afraid of the vaccine and I don’t want to get vaccinated, even less since it was made compulsory. I’m lost. I hope things will change “.

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Around 3:30 p.m., the procession of demonstrators marched through town before ending in front of the theater.

Vahid Shamsoddinnezhad