Demonstration for the Millau hospital: “We are afraid”

This Monday, June 5, 2023, 80 demonstrators gathered in front of the sub-prefecture of Millau to express their concerns about the future of the hospital.

A throw of white coats behind the gate of the sub-prefecture of Millau and concerns at the microphone. This Monday, June 5, 2023, the CGT Health and Social Action and Solidaires Sud Santé Sociaux organized yet another rally to defend the Millavois hospital.

Among the fears exposed: that, always, of the shortage of caregivers. “The medical service has 30 beds and for more than a month it has been reduced to 22 beds, launches the cégétiste Corine Mora, in front of 80 demonstrators, before estimating: best case it will be reduced to 15. Worst case it will close.” And this, according to her, from June 15.

We are not saying that our working conditions are not good. It is your terms of care that are at stake.

Trade unionists have listed the trades in tension: anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, nurses. “We are about to experience a perilous summer season, dreads Corine Mora, with the holidays and the difficulties that there will be in replacing caregivers.

“We are not saying that our working conditions are not good, she continues. It is your conditions of care that are at stake. That means degraded care and late screenings.”

Pierre-Jean-Girard, the departmental secretary of Sud Santé Sociaux, also returned to the departure of the director of the hospitalat the end of August. “I told him from the start: we will always be there to manage your inconsistencies.” Before calling back: “in 9 years, we have had nine directors.”

The unions wish to be received by the authorities: by Emmanuelle Gazel, the mayor of Millau; the prefect and the Regional Health Agency. “We are not being answered today, it is a cry for help: we are afraid.”

2023-06-05 18:09:06

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