Demonstration in Antequera next Wednesday for the “theft” of an Infant line at Los Patos school

Next Tuesday affected parents and members of the educational community will attend the Educational Development delegation in Malaga

He AMPA of CEIP Infante Don Fernando de Antequera y The Green Sea have convened next Wednesday June 7th a new manifestation in the Plaza de Castilla at seven in the afternoon to denounce the “robbery” of one of the 3-year-old lines of Early Childhood Education of the the ducks school, according to Inmaculada Aroca, a member of the AMPA, explained this morning, from where they have been quite critical of the Board. “It is no longer time to say that from the next course we lose a line, but to say that the Ministry of Education in the hands of the PP steals lines from the public centers of Antequera and continues to maintain them in the subsidized centers.”

With this statement they refer to the “comparative grievance” that is taking place between the CEIP Infante Don Fernando, which has registered 35 applications of 3 years and the concerted ones of La Inmaculada and La Victoria with 38 and 36 applications, respectively.

According to what they say, the suppression of the line will mean the “massification” of the only existing one, and as a consequence, an “impairment” in the current quality of the teachings taught in the public center, in addition to the fact that families will have to give up this center Prepared to serve children with special educational needs.

For all these reasons, they have made an appeal to the citizen mobilization. “We ask for support from the entire community, from Antequera society, from the unions and from the political parties to help us get that second unit that they have taken from us. At least we want the same rights that the concerted ones have ”, he stated.

Next Tuesday, the director of the center, the secretary of the AMPA and one of the mothers of the affected children, will hold a meeting with the Educational Development delegation of the Board. “If they assure us of the second line, the concentration will be annulled as it happened two years ago,” they have stated.

It must be remembered that two years ago in 2021 the educational community also fought to maintain this second Infant classroom, which finally remained before the great social pressure what they did

2023-06-01 16:46:17

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