Not even at Land Rover in the ’60s would have thought the new concept would describe such an arc and fundamentally change the automotive industry. Although the first Range Rover was not yet a true luxury car, it still offered much more than a simple SUV while also having the capabilities to do so. Today we are at the top model of the fifth generation Range Rover, which is more forward-looking than not all of its predecessors, but also in most premium and luxury limousines.

The British luxury SUV also includes Hungarian developments that we can be a little proud of. The basic price air-sprung and all-wheel-drive chassis, for example, was developed here in Budapest, as was remote control and parking with a mobile phone application. Many of its parts are made in Hungary, mainly upholstery elements and coverings, but ceramic parts are also made here. We went to the domestic premiere of the model and we will show you in a video how amazing the new luxury SUV is.