Demonstrations – Dresden – Thousands of people demonstrate against compulsory vaccination – politics

Chemnitz/Leipzig/Dresden (dpa/sn) – Several thousand people demonstrated against compulsory vaccination in Chemnitz on Saturday. Initially, around 400 gathered on the Neumarkt, the police said. A man reported a stationary meeting on site, and the meeting authorities approved it. According to the Saxon Corona Emergency Ordinance, meetings with up to 1000 participants are currently permitted. The police were deployed in the city with around 130 forces.

In the afternoon there was another influx and then a lift of an estimated 1000 participants formed in the city center. Other groups have joined, police said. In the meantime there were several thousand participants. “The result was a peaceful and trouble-free course.” However, an unknown person is now being investigated because of the implementation of an illegal elevator.

In Dresden, after a Saxony-wide call on social media, the city had banned gatherings of opponents of the Corona measures on Saturday because it was feared that several hundred violent people and extremists would participate. 780 police officers were then deployed in the state capital to enforce the ban. According to the information, there were individual accumulations on the Altmarkt and the Neumarkt and several hundred people in the Great Garden. There were bans and more than 100 procedures for violating the Assembly Act, it said.

In Leipzig, the police also reported a meeting against the corona measures at the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. The number of participants was in the middle three-digit range, it said. Here, too, the participants formed an elevator and tried to walk to the city center. The participants were spoken to and led back to the Monument to the Battle of the Nations via several side streets. A counter-protest also formed. One of the participants sprayed tear gas from there in the direction of the other demonstration, injuring one person. According to the police, criminal charges were filed because of the two unregistered meetings.

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