Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Iraqi National Security Council (NSC) on Friday held an emergency meeting chaired by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi to discuss the situation. Security, according to the Iraqi News Agency, Saturday.

The leader of the Shiite Sadr movement in Iraq, Moqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, to “protect the demonstrators and non-aggression and the preservation of public property,” adding in a tweet on the site “Twitter” quoted by the Iraqi News Agency: “Do not accept the abuse of oppressed demonstrators, Of the demonstrators to preserve the public property is the property of the people and not the corrupt. ”

A member of the Commission on Human Rights in Iraq, Fadhil al-Gharawi, Friday, the injury of one of the staff of the Commission charged with monitoring the demonstrations in the province of Maysan, saying in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency that “our official in charge of monitoring the demonstrations in Maysan suffered shoulder and head injuries as a result of friction between demonstrators and security personnel charged Protect the official headquarters in the province ”

The Security Information Center in Iraq announced on Saturday that “the security forces authorized by law will remain an impenetrable barrier to protect citizens and institutions from all attempts at vandalism,” calling on demonstrators to “preserve public and private property “According to the Iraqi News Agency. According to a statement by the Center, he saw that “what is witnessed in some areas of the country of demonstrations is truly guaranteed by the Iraqi Constitution, and shows that the people are able to express their demands which are their legitimate rights,” adding that “peaceful demonstration is a clear indication of the awareness of the masses who were the best To our security forces during the liberation battles against terrorist gangs. ” A spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry, General Saad Maan, denied on Saturday the announcement of a curfew in the provinces of Najaf and Maysan because of the protest demonstrations, adding in a brief statement to the Iraqi News Agency that “there are no orders to impose a curfew in the provinces of Najaf and Maysan, Citizens demanding the government more services in their provinces, “as he put it.

“Some demonstrators tried to break into the building of the provincial council, and after understanding with them, we sat with them,” the governor of Najaf, Louay al-Yasiri, said on Friday. And handed us their demands, “noting that” their demonstration was peaceful. ”

“Alsumaria” that “a number of demonstrators stormed, Friday, the airport in the province of Najaf to protest the deterioration of services in the province,” the carrier confirmed Najaf airport management, Friday, it “will file a lawsuit against security officials in the province, for not to do their duty towards the saboteurs,” loaded The local government and the security forces are responsible for what the airport was exposed to today.

“The conspiracy engineers from some government officials and some parties with economic objectives, which for two consecutive years sought to economically control the Najaf airport, directed some saboteurs to enter the airport, sabotage equipment and create chaos,” said Jawad al-Karawi, vice chairman of Najaf airport. Causing the closure of the airport, “while the channel” Iraq “, late on Friday evening, that flights resumed at the airport in the city of Najaf after the withdrawal of demonstrators.


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