Demonstrations – Offenbach am Main – 1000 people demonstrate peacefully against Corona measures – politics

Offenbach (dpa/lhe) – Hundreds of people protested peacefully in Offenbach on Saturday against the government’s corona measures. The rally was initially peaceful. The police estimated the number of demonstrators at around 1,200. Almost 300 people gathered for a counter-demonstration. A vigil was held in front of the synagogue. There were temporary traffic delays.

The demonstrators marched through the north end and the city center in a procession more than a kilometer long with drums, posters and action vehicles. “Fight for your freedom as if it were toilet paper”, “Vaccination – no thanks” and “Don’t let yourself be divided” could be read on the posters. A police spokesman spoke of a relaxed atmosphere.

According to the city, the protest march had been properly registered and approved subject to conditions. Among other things, the demonstrators had to keep minimum distances from each other and wear masks in certain situations.

Overall, the demonstration was largely trouble-free, the police said in the late afternoon. However, an investigation was initiated against a 43-year-old on the sidelines of the event because he is said to have shown the Hitler salute in the direction of the counter-demonstration. The man was reportedly taken into custody.

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