Demos in Baden-Württemberg: chain of lights and vaccination appeals – thousands on the streets because of Corona – Baden-Württemberg

In Karlsruhe, health care workers took to the streets. Photo: epd/Uli Deck

The Corona policy is once again driving thousands onto the streets in the southwest. The perspectives are different. Health workers send an impressive signal with blue lights and a chain of lights.

Freiburg/Karlsruhe – Demonstrations by opponents and supporters of the Corona policy in Freiburg, a chain of lights by healthcare workers in Karlsruhe: Around 10,000 people took to the streets in Baden-Württemberg on Saturday at three major events on the subject of Corona. The rallies were peaceful, according to the police on Sunday, there were no special incidents.

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Due to the increasing corona numbers, night-time exit restrictions for non-vaccinated people have been in effect again in two dozen urban and rural districts since the weekend, including in the state capital of Stuttgart, Mannheim and Karlsruhe. The restrictions apply in the respective areas if the seven-day incidence of 500 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded twice within a week.

1000 demonstrators in Karlsruhe for vaccination

On Saturday evening in Karlsruhe, around 1,000 medical workers, doctors, pharmacists, nurses and laboratory workers, some in work clothes, drew attention to the burden in the healthcare system with a chain of lights. “Vaccination saves lives”, “The nursing is sick – please help us” or “Help me to help you: Get vaccinated! Your family doctor” could be read on banners. A participant in Corona protective gear asked on a sign: “How long should I continue to make such home visits?” At the same time, around 60 blue light vehicles flashed at 6 p.m. for three minutes – as long as it takes, according to the organizer, to put on protective clothing .

The event went back to an initiative of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB). Christoph Niessner, doctor and chairman of the ASB Karlsruhe, explained this in advance in a statement: “We, those affected in the healthcare system, have so far been very reluctant to make a statement. Now we want to raise our voice and show the citizens where our problems lie in the current pandemic.”

Health care professionals raise their voices

For example, employees accept great personal restrictions, often work exhaustingly under full protection, are increasingly busy with cleaning tasks and are therefore bound, explained Nießner. Quarantine orders also reduced the number of helpers. Corona patients can only be cared for if normal work is restricted. Rescue vehicles would have to be cleaned at great expense after the corresponding transports and were not available for emergency rescue during this time.

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According to the police, around 6,000 people demonstrated in Freiburg on Saturday afternoon with a train around the city center against the corona policy and compulsory vaccination. Among other things, they showed posters with a skeleton and the inscription “Just a small prick” or “Boosters is the capitulation of the vaccination doctrine”.

Demo against lateral thinkers elevator in Freiburg

At a demonstration directed against it in the center of Freiburg, around 2,500 people had previously gathered to turn against conspiracy ideologies and the trivialization of corona, among other things. They held up posters with inscriptions such as: “You don’t go for a walk with Nazis” or “Think more instead of laterally”. According to police information, around 1000 people came together after this counter-demonstration for an unregistered meeting, which, after consultation with the officials, moved in the direction of Europaplatz. The police did not record any major incidents at any of the demonstrations.

The Freiburg police were on site with a large contingent and were supported by foreign officials. Their operational concept was aimed at ensuring that the two demo camps did not get in each other’s way. Among other things, the officials had blocked part of the B31 as a precaution. As a result, there were traffic delays.

Göppinger Mayor appeals to opponents of the Corona policy

Alex Maier, green mayor of the city of Göppingen, appealed to the opponents of the Corona policy on Saturday: “Register the demonstration properly and comply with the legal rules.” Anyone who organizes so-called walks without registration is breaking the law. Anyone who walks through the city in a larger group without a distance and without covering their mouth and nose is acting irresponsibly.

Because he wants to avoid an escalation, Maier relies on the conversation instead of bans: he invited citizens to an online conversation for Monday (4 p.m.). The head of the town hall could be asked questions and fears communicated via the municipal Facebook page, it said in a statement.

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