Dengue fever: a case in Occitania, what you need to know to protect yourself from the tiger mosquito

Its presence was reported in the area in early summer. While a first indigenous case of dengue was detected in Hérault last week, here are some tips to protect yourself from it.

Barely 5 millimeters high, black with white stripes, the tiger mosquito is the enemy of summer. Its number is proliferating at breakneck speed. The rod mosquito, also called Aedes, is particularly responsible for the spread of diseases such as dengue, chikungunya or the type virus. Zika. While an indigenous case of dengue fever was detected in Cessenon-sur-Orb, it seems necessary to know how to protect yourself from the tiger mosquito.

The regional health agency (ARS) Occitanie and several town halls in the region are already carrying out awareness campaigns to fight against the proliferation of mosquitoes. A national public health plan (PSNP) targeted against the tiger mosquito was also launched at the beginning of the year in the departments of: Ariège, Aude, Gard, Haute-Garonne, Lozère, Hautes-Pyrénées, Pyrénées-Orientales.

Eliminate stagnant water points

In order to reproduce, the mosquito needs a small amount of water. Inside and outside of homes, the slightest point of stagnant water can be a call to the laying of mosquito larvae. It is therefore necessary to regularly eliminate the water which may be in the containers: cups, flower pots, used tires, etc. Water tanks must be covered and protected, swimming pools and water points must be regularly maintained.

Avoid getting stung

To avoid tiger mosquito bites and mosquitoes in general, it is recommended that you wear loose, long clothing that covers the feet and ankles. If you wish, you can install mosquito nets on the doors and windows of the accommodation.

Drop models are also available and can be hung over cradles, beds and sofas. The use of mosquito repellents such as insecticides or skin lotions are also means of fighting against the bites of these insects.

Using air conditioning

If possible, you can turn on the air conditioning because mosquitoes hate cool places. For now, no vaccine exists to protect against diseases carried by the tiger mosquito. The most effective way to protect yourself and our loved ones is to be careful.

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