Dengue fever in Reunion: 45 cases diagnosed

The quantified assessment records 45 cases of dengue on the island from July 20 to 26, 2020. There is a decrease in the circulation of the virus but the Prefecture calls for vigilance in a press release relating to this epidemic. We publish it in full below.

Dengue epidemic in Réunion: the decline continues

From July 20 to 26, 45 cases of dengue fever were confirmed. Dengue surveillance indicators continue to decline. 19 municipalities remain affected by viral circulation: the west and the south account for 88% of cases.

The preventive actions, carried out by everyone on a daily basis, actively contribute to limiting the spread of the disease.

The prefecture and the ARS remind the population of the importance of continuing essential preventive measures: eliminate the breeding sites by emptying anything that may contain water, consult a doctor in the event of symptoms, protect themselves and their entourage against mosquito bites. These preventive actions are particularly important during this holiday period, when trips around the island are numerous.

Epidemiological situation on August 4, 2020

(data from the French Regional Public Health Unit)

The number of weekly cases is decreasing or is stable in the 19 municipalities concerned.
The main groups of cases (outbreaks of dengue):

South region (30%)
Saint-Louis (La Chapelle, Le Bois-de-Nèfles, Cité Coco, Le Verval, Ouaki, Le Ruisseau Terres Rouges, Le Gol-les-Hauts)
Saint-Pierre (Chemin Stéphane, Bois Noirs, La Cafrine)
Les Avirons (Barouty, Fond Maurice)
L’Étang Salé (Ravine-Sèche-les-Hauts, Foot of the Rocks)
Saint-Joseph (Les Grègues)
La Petite-Île (Piton Goyave, Anse-les-Hauts)

West Region (58%)
Saint-Paul (L’Éperon, Tamatave, Lotissement Gayette, Le Bois-de-Nèfles, Laperrière)
La Possession (downtown, Camp Magloire, Fond de Bac, La Rivière des Galets)
Saint-Leu (Quatre Robinets, Grand Fond, Cap Lelièvre, Cité Pêcheurs, Étang Saint-Leu, xentre-ville, Dubuisson)
The Port (Cotur estate, EDF factory)

North region (6%)
Saint-Denis (Vauban)
Sainte-Suzanne (La Grande Ravine)

East region (6%)
Bras-Panon (La Rivière du Mât)

The ARS vector control teams continue their mosquito control interventions day and night, by applying barrier measures against the spread of Covid.

These treatments against the proliferation of mosquitoes are essential in the fight against dengue and must be accompanied by the preventive measures implemented by the inhabitants of Réunion.

Recommendations to fight against dengue

Protect yourself from mosquito bites (repellents, mosquito nets, long clothes, diffusers)
Continue to protect yourself even when you are sick so as not to contaminate those around you

Empty everything that may contain water in your home (breeding grounds): saucers and small objects, checking the flow of gutters, respecting the days for waste removal, etc.

Consult a doctor if symptoms appear: fever possibly associated with headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting or fatigue.

Call your doctor before going to his doctor’s office: he will decide with you on the best treatment (consultation in the office or remotely) and will refer you to a medical analysis laboratory for confirmation of the diagnosis of dengue.

These protective measures also apply to people who have already contracted dengue. Indeed, with 3 types of dengue present in the territory, these people can be infected by the virus again.


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