Dengue in the region: Araraquara and 6 cities add up to 13 thousand cases and 14 deaths; see actions against the disease | Sao Carlos and Araraquara

The number of dengue cases has already exceeded 13 mil in Araraquara (SP) and six other municipalities in the region (see table below). In addition, four of these cities recorded deaths, totaling 14 victims.

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The high incidence of cases has overloaded the health system and led municipalities to carry out various actions to collect materials that can serve as breeding grounds for the mosquito. Temples of the Egyptiansin addition to nebulization actions for the extermination of the adult mosquito.

Dengue cases and deaths

Americo Brasiliense21152
São Carlos4491
clear river1790

See how the situation is in these cities:

Araraquara has the worst situation regarding the disease among the cities in the region. The municipality is experiencing a dengue epidemic with 6,720 cases confirmed and 10 deaths. The victims were between 39 and 88 years old.

Dengue cases in Araraquara per year

Source: Municipal Health Department

The peak of contamination was in March, when 3,831 residents became ill. Since then, contamination has decreased, but the city government maintains actions to control the mosquito.

This Wednesday (11), Epidemiological Surveillance agents to combat endemic diseases will carry out house-to-house inspections in search of possible breeding sites in the neighborhoods of Vila Xavier, São Geraldo, Jardim Eliana, Jardim Uirapuru and Jardim Imperador.

The nebulization will pass through the Selmi Dei, while the smoke will be carried out in the Selmi Dei V.

Dengue cases in Araraquara in 2022

Source: Araraquara City Hall

According to the city hall, 80% of dengue breeding sites are in residences. Every month, around 30,000 homes are visited and owners who do not allow agents to enter can be fined up to R$5,300.

The Epidemiological Surveillance agents to combat endemic diseases work in uniform with a gray shirt and brown vest and circulate in official cars.

The care for people with symptoms of dengue is being carried out at the field hospital, which is open every day, including weekends and holidays, from 7 am to 9 pm. The other health units also care for suspected patients or those with the disease. The stations are open from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, and the UPAs are open 24 hours a day.

Dengue contamination in Araras this year is already seven times bigger than every last year. The city has 1,782 cases and one death from the disease in just over four months of 2022 against 221 people who caught dengue in 2021.

This is the highest number of cases since 2015, when 2,815 people were infected. (see chart below).

The high contamination is overloading the city’s health system, which has only one Emergency Care Unit.

Dengue cases in Araras (SP) per year

Source: Araras City Hall

The Araras Endemic Control Sector has been carrying out daily blockades throughout the city, which consist of guidance to citizens, checks and removal of mosquito breeding sites. Temples of the Egyptians. After the blockages, the inspected locations receive the nebulization service.

A neighboring city to Araraquara, Américo Brasiliense is experiencing one of the worst dengue infections in the history of the city of 41,500 people, with 2,115 cases.

An 80-year-old man and a 76-year-old woman died from the disease.

  • Américo adds more than 2 thousand cases of dengue and intensifies actions

The city hall set aside an area at the Doutor José Nigro Neto Hospital to care for patients infected or suspected of having dengue, as many residents need hydration.

Américo Brasiliense confirms more than 2 thousand cases of dengue and intensifies actions

The city hall carries out actions, but the closed houses make work difficult. The number of properties with no one varies from one neighborhood to another, according to the coordinator of the Sanitary Surveillance, Vanessa Cristina Veronez Leme.

To try to reverse the situation, visits have taken place at alternate times, mainly from 5 pm onwards when people return from work.

Currently, ten active agents serve around 14,000 properties. There are 500 blocks and a population of about 40 thousand inhabitants.

The Zoonosis Vector Control Service collects useless materials, with tires and pots that can accumulate water, and sends everything collected to the appropriate places.

Another neighboring city of Araraquara, Matão records 1,410 cases of dengue this year. An explosion of cases if you take into account that in 2021 there were only seven notifications of the disease in the city, according to the Municipal Health Department.

The city hall has carried out vehicular fogging in several neighborhoods.

Em 2022 449 cases have already been registered of dengue in São Carlos, according to the latest bulletin, released on Thursday (5). A 60-year-old man died.

Of the total number of cases, 420 are autochthonous, that is, the contamination occurred in the city itself, and 29 were imported.

The Endemic Combat Team has carried out the control of breeding sites in several neighborhoods of the city and in the districts.

Dengue cases in São Carlos per year

Source: City Hall of São Carlos

The latest Epidemiological Surveillance bulletin, released on Friday (6), recorded 18 new cases of dengue in Rio Claro, totaling 179 this year.

According to the prefecture, preventive work has been intensified. On Saturday (7), the teams were in the Mãe Preta neighborhood, in a joint effort to guide the community and collect breeding sites for the Temples of the Egyptians and with pick-up service. The neighborhood also received fogging.

The number of dengue cases in Descalvado almost quadrupled in one month, jumping from 114 on April 8 to 420 cases on Thursday (5). The city has a person hospitalized with the disease.

The city hall has carried out house-to-house visits to eliminate possible breeding sites.

According to experts, if the mosquito manifests itself in only 5% of the existing houses in a region, the disease is already transmitted among the general population. Therefore, it is important that everyone maintains preventive measures against the proliferation of Temples of the Egyptians.

To prevent mosquito reproduction and, consequently, reduce attacks, the Ministry of Health has put together a series of guidelines. Check it out below:

  • Use protective screens with holes of a maximum of 1.5 millimeters in the windows of the house;
  • Leave doors and windows closed, especially at sunrise and sunset;
  • Keep the land clean and free of materials or debris that could be breeding grounds;
  • Cover the vats and water tanks;
  • Keep gutters clean;
  • Always leave bottles upside down;
  • Keep trash cans well covered;
  • Leave drains clean and with screen application;
  • Clean weekly or fill potted plant dishes with sand;
  • Clean the water pots for animals with a brush or loofah;
  • Clean all the decoration accessories that are outside the house and avoid the accumulation of water in tires and gutters;
  • Place electrical repellents near windows – use is contraindicated for allergic people;
  • Candles or citronella essence diffusers can also be used;
  • Avoid perfumed hygiene products, as they can attract insects;
  • Remove accumulated water in the service area, behind the washing machine.

2 of 2 Dengue symptoms — Photo: Arte g1

Dengue symptoms — Photo: Arte g1