Prior to the second inter-Korean summit next week, South Korean ambassador to India, Shin Bong-Kil, said the world should be patient when it comes to the de-nuclearization of North Korea.

In an exclusive interview with WION, he said, "Solving this problem in a short period of time may be unrealistic, we should be patient, there will be ups and downs, but we will not give up on it."

Believing that the North Korean and US nuclear negotiations are "facing a dilemma and a dead end," he said, "his visit to North Korea would be negotiations between the US and North Korea and reconciliation between North and South Korea facilitate."

The visit of South Korean President Moon Jae-in was decided on at the first inter-Korean summit this year. The second will take place from 18 to 20 September.

Bongkil added: "Nuclear negotiations are a very difficult and complex issue" and if "we can not solve the problem, there will be serious consequences".

Recently, US President Donald Trump has admitted that the North Korean states have no nuclear weapons and that US Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo's visit to the country has been canceled.


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