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Denver pulls a page out of Taylor Swift's playbook

How did you do that?

Before the kick-off of Game 1 of the Nuggets NBA Playoff Series against the Spurs, a sold-out crowd at the Pepsi Center became a lavish pre-game light show with thousands of LED lights that were dubbed with music, and flames shooting high in the air the air.

Crowds are used to seeing fans holding up their cell phone lights to create a light show, but that was different.

"What you see are not phones, but bracelets that are given to every fan who is perfectly synchronized with the DJ," tweeted Duvalier Johnson of Mile High Sports. "The #Nuggets are ready for this playoff run and made sure the fans were revealed as well."

Popstar Taylor Swift recently used the same technology During their reputation tour, fans received bracelets that interacted with the music.

Check out some of the ad's videos at the Pepsi Center on Saturday:


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