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Denver stops the rainwater works and causes violent vibrations in the homeowners in the neighborhood of Cole

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DENVER – Daev Brown is literally at the crossroads.

"We're in Cole, but if you take a block south, you're in Whitter, if you walk west one block, you're in Five Points."

As well as figuratively.

"I did not have a structural engineer yet, I'm scared to do it because I'm scared of what I'm going to find out," Brown said.

He wants to hire an expert to inspect his foundation for the violent shocks his community is experiencing as a result of construction near Martin Luther King Boulevard. and Marion St.

"It feels like a full earthquake all day, sometimes the whole day," Brown said.

He took a video of last week's shock, and Denver Public Works said it had stopped work and caused the vibrations on Monday.

"As soon as we heard about the vibrations from the community, we stopped stacking on Monday – that's what caused the vibrations," said Heather Burke, a spokeswoman for Denver Public Works. "Now we take a step back and talk to the community about how we can find a different approach to getting that kind of work done."

The city is installing a massive new underground rainwater system in the Cole district – an older neighborhood with an older infrastructure that has historically been prone to flooding.

"Doing this kind of work is a huge undertaking," said Burke.

For Brown, who already has cracks in his drywall, he's more concerned about the long-term damage to his aging brick foundation.

"I have to imagine that the foundation will be damaged gradually, which I can not even see," he said.

Burke said that the contractor was the one who would be liable for any damage suffered by homeowners, and those who have problems should submit a complaint directly to the company.

The city also holds a public rally to hear from the affected residents at 6pm Wednesday. in Liberati Denver, 2403 Champa St, Denver, CO 80205.

According to Burke, the rainwater works are scheduled for completion in September, but may be delayed depending on the situation.

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