Denzel Washington, the Hollywood actor who talks to God

‘The vigilante’, ‘American gangster’, ‘The man on fire’, ‘Malcolm X’, ‘Titans’ and ‘Little secrets’ are just a few titles that have Denzel Washington as their protagonist. All hit Hollywood movies that have led him to win awards for his work, including the coveted Academy Award.

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Denzel, who is distinguished among the artistic union for being away from scandals, being a calm interpreter and without extravagances or luxuries around him, has also openly declared himself a Christian in interviews. He is aware that this is not usual in his environment, but he has also made it clear that it is something that he cannot hide, especially being the son of a Baptist preacher and who already in his adulthood decided that they would follow the faith of their parents.

Denzel Washington oró por Will Smith

Denzel he is known among his colleagues as a man who prayswho believes that the Devil exists, because it is written in the book, that he has declared is his guide: the Bible. Even before each day of shooting, Denzel gathers those who he can and say a prayer.

Let’s remember that in the famous episode of Will Smith’s slapping at the Oscars in 2022, Washington was the only one who spoke to the aggressor actor. After the event, Denzel revealed in front of the famous American pastor TD Jakes, in the middle of the Christian leadership summit, what did he say to Will: “At your best, be careful. That’s when the devil comes for you”. That phrase that she pronounced at the end of his speech when he won the Oscar was said to him minutes before when she prayed with him.

For Denzel, the role that evil or the devil had at that moment was evident, therefore he does not judge. “Who are we to condemn? I don’t know all the details of this situation, but I know that the only solution is to pray. There is a saying: “When the devil ignores you, then you know you are doing something wrong”. The devil says: “Oh no, leave him alone, he is my favorite,” said the actor who has always referred to his spirituality and his Christian belief, when he has the opportunity.

Although he did not give more details of the short chat he had that night with Smith if he stressed the importance of being under supreme grace: “may the grace of God come to any of us,” Denzel said.

Returning to the faith of Denzel, who always signs his autographs with a “God bless you”, He has revealed in several interviews that he is a man who talks to God on a daily basis.because it seems a necessity, but he is not in favor of the word religion, he prefers to talk about spirituality and practice it. However, he ensures that he refrains from saying: “I am right, you are wrong”, but he does emphasize: “I believe that Jesus is the Son of God”.

In a talk given to young people several years ago, he said that he knows exactly how to get to talk to God on a daily basis, because his mother taught him and to do it he has his own secret, which he shared for his listeners to do: “I pray to God that each of you put your shoes under the bed when you go to bed, so that to get them in the morning you have to get on your knees. And while I’m there thank God for his love, mercy and understanding”, Said the Oscar winner in the video published by actor Tyrese Gibson, also a believer.

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Denzel, 68, has been married for 40 years to Paullette Washington, 72. They have four children and They are an active part of the Church of God in Christ of Los Angeles.