Departmental: candidates for Chartres 2, Jean-Claude Breton and Julia Trentin discuss with the inhabitants of Coudray

“Do you own your house?” Do you know what to expect in October? “

In front of the Coudray bakery, this Thursday, June 24, 2021 afternoon, Jean-Claude Breton, mayor of Berchères-les-Pierres, and Julia Trentin, candidates in the canton of Chartres 2, distribute their profession of faith while discussing with the passers-by.

Departmental: in Chartres the anti-taxes against those leaving the departmental majority Fromont-Masselus

Credited with 18.41% of the votes in the first round, behind Élisabeth Fromont and Franck Masselus, deputy mayor of Chartres, vice-presidents of Chartres Métropole and outgoing departmental advisers, the pair continues its field campaign “in contact with people”.

They want “to break the current functioning of the Department” where “sit elected officials who combine positions and salaries”. Also maintain fiscal stability while the Agglo voted for an additional property tax of 7.5%. And “represent the population that we never hear”.

Departmental: in the 2nd round, the majority engaged in nine duels, sometimes uncertain in several cantons of Eure-et-Loir

“We offer a little equity and proximity”, summarizes Jean-Claude Breton who intends to travel through the maximum number of municipalities before Sunday.

Laurence Franceschina
[email protected]