Departmental: Élisabeth Fromont and Franck Masselus (LR) re-elected with 53.35% of the votes in the canton of Chartres 2

No exultation for Élisabeth Fromont and Franck Masselus (LR), supported by the departmental majority, when the results of the last polling station arrived, confirming their victory in the canton of Chartres 2.

These outgoing advisers will return to the benches of the Department thanks to the 53.35% of votes obtained at the end of this second round, again marked by a record abstention of 67.7%.

This is why Franck Masselus soberly testified, this Sunday evening, of his satisfaction at having been re-elected, with Élisabeth Fromont. While questioning aloud:

Can you call it a victory when there is so little participation? It is my great regret in this election.

For him, the date of these elections at the end of a deconfinement was not the best effect, and “the confusion at the level of professions of faith” did not help anything. “I don’t know what we were looking for, but it’s borderline democracy! “

In the cantons of Chartres, the outgoing majority candidates come first in the first round

Democracy in the functioning of the Department is what its opponents are demanding. The pair (unlabeled) of Jean-Claude Breton, mayor of Berchères-les-Pierres, and Julia Trentin, who campaigned against the 7.5% inter-municipal property tax voted by Chartres Métropole, attracted 46.65% of votes. “The gap is small”, rejoiced the young woman, who has lived a campaign rich in lessons. But the candidates are especially delighted to have been able to develop their anti-tax position during the campaign which, according to them, found some echo. “I hope that there will remain something of the message sent by our voters,” warns Jean-Claude Breton.

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Results of the second round of departmental in the canton of Chartres 3:
– Franck Masselus and Élisabeth Fromont (LR, supported by the “Territoires d’Eure-et-Loir” departmental majority, right and center-right): 53.35% (3,261 votes, 16.19% of those registered).
– Jean-Claude Breton and Julia Trentin: 46.65% (2,851 votes, 14.15% of those registered)
> Registered in the canton of Chartres 2: 20.143.
> Abstentions: 13,535 (67.19% of those registered).
> Voters: 6,608 (32.81% of those registered).
> Voted: 6,112 (30.34% of registered voters, 92.49% of voters).
> Whites: 353 (1.75% of registered voters, 5.34% of voters).
> Null: 143 (0.71% of registered voters, 2.16% of voters).