Departmental: in Chartres the anti-taxes against those leaving the departmental majority Fromont-Masselus

It is the surprise of this election: Jean-Claude Breton and Julia Trentin will face Élisabeth Fromont and Franck Masselus, deputies to the mayor of Chartres and outgoing departmental advisers in the canton of Chartres 2.

The pair, which is running for the first time in departmental elections and declares itself independent of the logic of the apparatus, has partly focused its campaign on opposition to the 7.5% inter-municipal property tax voted by the Chartres agglomeration community Metropolis. Jean-Claude Breton, mayor of Berchères-les-Pierres, voted against just like his replacement, Nicolas Vanneau, mayor of Prunay-le-Gillon.

“And yet the inhabitants have not seen the concrete impact of this tax, underlines Jean-Claude Breton. If the election had taken place in October, it would have been a game-changer. Despite everything, the message we wanted to convey received a certain echo. “

Departmental / 1st round: all the final results in Eure-et-Loir and in the south-Yvelines, canton by canton

Twenty point difference

In the peri-urban communes of Chartres, such as Dammarie, Gellainville, Morancez or Sours, the pair received fewer votes than the RN. The low turnout gave him qualification for the second round even if Jean-Claude Breton regrets it: “It’s not good for democracy. “

Chartres Métropole votes for a 7.5% tax on built property

Élisabeth Fromont also said that she was “disappointed with the lack of mobilization of voters in the city of Chartres”. This is where the gap is most marked with his opponents in the second round, who collect only 7.16% of the vote against 47.78% in his favor.

If the leavers prance in the lead with more than twenty points difference, nothing is yet decided. But Jean-Claude Breton announces it: “I am not just here to do the figuration. “

In the cantons of Chartres, the outgoing majority candidates come first in the first round

Laurence Franceschina
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