Departmental. In the canton of Rezé 1, Myriam Bigeard and Freddy Hervochon win

This Sunday, June 27, in the canton of Rezé 1, the socialist pair made up of Myriam Bigeard and Freddy Hervochon won the second round of the departmental elections, with 58.96% of the votes, or 5,755 votes. They were opposed to Sophie Pavageau and Fabrice Bascoul (Democracy 44), who obtained 41.04%, or 4,006 votes cast. Participation, up slightly, stands at 32.41% of registrants.

Find the details of the results of the second round of departmental in Loire-Atlantique

In the first round of Sunday, June 20, the outgoing elected representatives of the PS, Myriam Bigeard and Freddy Hervochon, had turned in the lead, with 38.04% of the votes, in the canton of Rezé 1. With an abstention close to 70%.

Sophie Pavageau and Fabrice Bascoul, elected municipal officials in Bouaye and Bouguenais respectively, supported by the Democracy 44 group, obtained 28.4% of the vote. They thus qualified for the second round of this Sunday, June 27.

Arrived in third position with 14.96%, the tandem Anne-Myriam Douquement (Modem) -Ronan Grippay (Agir) had called on the evening of the first round “To beat the leavers to overthrow both the canton and the Department. “ In other words, to vote for the Pavageau-Bascoul team.

But the other two pairs eliminated in the first round, and classified on the left as for them, had called to vote for the outgoing Myriam Bigeard and Freddy Hervochon. Implicitly for La France insoumise (9.72% of the vote), and more explicitly for the tandem of the Communist Party (8.90%).

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The canton of Rezé includes the north of Rezé including Trentemoult and the Hôtel-de-ville district, as well as Bouguenais, Bouaye, Brains, Saint-Léger-les-Vignes and Saint-Aignan-de-Grandlieu. That is to say 31,602 registered voters in total.

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