Departure of two historical figures of the Amicale

The general assembly of the Association of Volunteer Blood Donors of Capestang was an opportunity to welcome the departure of Serge Béziat and of the president, Christian Tailhades, who received from the hands of Alain Thellier, president of the departmental committee of the associations of blood donors, the medal of the federation.

An interim president is expected to be elected in the coming weeks.

In addition, the accounts show sound management. In addition to the municipal subsidy, the cash flow is supplied by membership cards (unfortunately fewer and fewer despite membership at € 1 per year).

On the other hand, donors are still as loyal with more than 400 donations in 2020 despite the pandemic, spread over five collections. But the goal of the association remains to continue its work to raise awareness of blood donation.

The new donors who come to each fundraiser are a pledge of the work carried out by the Amicale but also by the usual donors who remain the best ambassadors of the necessary mobilization for this national cause.

The next collection will take place at the Mandela room Tuesday 5 Octobere from 2 p.m. for the 4th collection in 2021.

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