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Depor hits Malaga with a stellar comeback

The Sports he got up from the canvas and took the first assault against Málaga (4-2), who went ahead twice on the score in his visit to the Abanca-Riazor Stadium and will have to come back in his field next Saturday if he wants to continue opting for promotion. This Thursday will be measured Mallorca and Albacete in Son Moix in the first leg of the second round.

At the beginning, Málaga put on the turf what he had perfectly detailed Victor on the runway. It was a special match for the Madrid coach, former Deportivo player and his coach until he was dismissed at the conclusion of the 2015/16 season for his problems with the players.

Comfortable in Riazor, visitors warned with a center Ontiveros He got poisoned and went high (min 9) and with a shot by Boulharoud who walked past the goal (min 10).

Goal of Luis Hernández

The Malaga tuned, the Deportivo squeaked. A ball hung by Ontiveros, after a poorly defended by Cartabia, Luis Hernandez connected to pleasure in the area to put his team ahead.

The Andalusians gave first, but conceded immediately afterwards. Fede Ricca he gave the Galicians a penalty over David Simón Y Carlos Fernández He did not miss it. The draw breathed encouragement to Deportivo, Fede Cartabia exhibited his speed on counterattack and Keidi Bare the ejection was played to stop him after seeing how he advanced and ran the goal of Munir at half an hour.

But Málaga regained control and Deportivo again faltered in defense where he knew he could not concede. Simon and Duarte gave meters to Ontiveros and the end thanked him. Hit with the right hand and the effect surprised Dani Giménez, who this week dragged annoyances.

Lucidity after rest

Al Deportivo felt good intermediate. He returned to the pitch with the lucidity he had lacked in the first period. He took a step forward and Málaga wanted to play too soon with time.

The Coruñeses found the equalizer eleven minutes after the restart with a left-footed shot Pedro Sánchez in the area to pass of Cartabia and the match broke. The referee pardoned the second yellow to Pedro Sanchez for a foul on Ontiveros almost on the line of the area and the Málaga player crashed it in a post.

From what could be a new advantage for visitors, it was passed to the comeback Deportivo with a header from Carlos Fernández on the line (min.63). Martí then sat Pedro Sánchez, who was fired by Riazor with the fans on their feet. His team was for the first time ahead in the tie.

Borja Valle seals the room

The Malaga tried to contain his rival, but failed. Pau Torres He was 'touched' and Luis Hernandez told him to lie down. When the center-back entered from the side after being served, Deportivo exploited the superiority with a pitch of Borja Valle very tight to a post to put the room.

Pau had to ask for the change and Deportivo began to manage the time with his eyes set on the return leg, on Saturday at La Rosaleda, which the Andalusians would have arrived with less disadvantage if Dani Giménez had not taken him out White Leschuk a headbutt at the last minute.

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