Deputies continue with meetings to find a solution for holders of UVA mortgage loans

In a joint meeting, the Finance and Budget and Treasury commissions worked on the critical situation of those who appealed for UVA mortgage loans, a type of financing that was adjusted for the increase in inflation. The legislators spoke with exhibitors, representatives of various provinces.

the deputy Alicia Aparicio of Frente de Todos mentioned: “We have reached this moment with the good will of the president of the Chamber (Sergio Massa) who has signed an agreement to deal with the issue. Our concern is genuine to listen to all those affected by this situation.

For his part, the deputy Julio Cobos of the UCR of Mendoza, specified: “We need to advance in an opinion, if possible unified, and if there is any difference that is very specific in the cutoff point where we take in how we constitute the compensation fund, but in the rest we are going to have many coincidences.

Los UVA credits They are intended for people in labor activity (in a dependency relationship or contracted, self-employed and monotributistas), retirees and / or pensioners and ex-combatants of the Malvinas beneficiaries of the lifetime war pension.

The credit destination it can be for the acquisition of a single dwelling and permanent occupation; change of single dwelling and permanent occupation; construction of a single dwelling for permanent occupancy, on its own land, free of occupancy, which must meet at least the standards established by the Ministries of the Interior, Public Works and Housing; and for expansion, refurbishment or completion of a single dwelling and permanent occupancy.

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Participating in the meeting were Sebastián Saúl (representative of UVA Necochea mortgage holders), Ernesto Domingo Páez (spokesperson for UVA Mendoza mortgage holders), Daniela Funez (representative of UVA pledge takers), María Fernanda Bandiera (representing UVA pledge and personal credit takers of Mendoza), José Luis Ramón (national deputy mandate fulfilled), Mariela González and Luz D’angelo (lawyers in the Marcos Azulay case, where Judge Cecilia Landaburu issued a ruling that ordered the elimination of the UVA, in Mendoza), Rosana Beatriz Rodríguez and Gabriela Ottini (representing mortgage loan holders from Catamarca), Malvina Vilte (representing loan holders from La Rioja), Gabriela Spatari (representing mortgage holders from La Plata), among others.