Deputies wrote a story on a photo in the toilet

Mass testing for loyalty and miniatures for the personalities in the National Assembly


MPs who are shaped personalities were summoned to the group’s room because the boss saw today that there were miniatures for seventh graders and remembered that he had to test his people to see if they were loyal to him, how intelligent and literate they were. you think about whether they observe party discipline, whether they have the capacity to comply with party support, whether they can carry out orders creatively.

An MP hesitated and said she would go to the countryside, but lieutenants in the parliamentary group told her not to expose herself and to mobilize.

One lieutenant expressed concern:

You will go to the village well, I understand that you are looking for peace, but it also turns white in the village. An acquaintance of mine quarreled with her boyfriend in the village and he, the simpleton, tied her naked to a tree in the mountains. mosquitoes. Manny, you don’t need village numbers, stay here. ”

And the woman – what to do, sat down with the others to write an interpretive essay on the photo of Radostin Vassilev, placed in the toilet of a restaurant in “Dianabad”.

And the portrait of the kenef
you’re just hanging out …


Deputies wrapped themselves in polygraph cables to write honestly and not hide their true feelings. It is normal! This is practiced in many companies.

They sweated, wrote, erased, pondered, lingered with the lie detector, and with a little hint, passed the loyalty miniatures. All together they condemned the traitorous secessionists, swore eternal allegiance to the Boss and the Sovereign. They sent warm greetings to the Father and inwardly wished they would never see him face to face, never experience the power of his anger.

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They all showed that they perceive Bosa as a Godfather and as a Pope, will always obey his drivers and lieutenants and will not shame the name of the Party, which for the Sovereign is something like Raina Popgeorgieva, but otherwise is a business project.

The lieutenant intellectuals were pleased and wrote a report in rhyme about the Chief.


We argue two
with a lady
on the topic:
When do you go to the countryside?
And the lady – stressful, you know …
Yes, it was not seen!

I said to her: boy,
I’m sending you people!
I’m signing your check,
I’m sending people to your yard,
to get up

The lady sat down
on my detector –
no lie!
I aimed at her face
She said:
only to Slavi,
I belong!