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MP Suleiman Fadl al-Amiri, a member of the House of Representatives on Matrouh, made an urgent statement to Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal, Speaker of the House of Representatives, against Dr. Ali Muslehi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, requesting a period of updating ration card data for one month.

Al-Omairi said in a press statement on Tuesday that there is an urgent need to extend the period of updating the data and add new births to the cardholders who are behind the extension period for another month, stressing that there are many villages where there is no Internet and the system was suffering from Pressure in addition to the failure of some citizens to extract the required papers ».

The MP added that the border provinces especially suffer from the distance between them and the centers and catering offices, so it is necessary to approve the extension of registration and correction of data for another month and to sensitize citizens and urged them to speed up the completion of registration.



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