World Desert Locusts Fall on the Horn of Africa

Desert Locusts Fall on the Horn of Africa


A young Samburu boy uses a stick to keep locusts away. In January 2020, Kenya was hit by an unprecedented invasion. AP

From Ethiopia to Somalia via Kenya, an invasion of locusts of historic magnitude is at work and threatens food security in the entire Horn of Africa region, according to the United Nations, who called, Monday, January 20, for a major response.

“Swarms of unprecedented scale and destructive potential are likely to grow exponentially and spread to other countries in East Africa unless efforts to combat these voracious pests are intensified not massively throughout the region “, the UN says, estimating that $ 70 million (63.44 million euros) will be needed to launch a cross-border campaign to combat the invasions.

150 kilometers per day

Ethiopia and Somalia had not seen swarms of locusts of such magnitude in twenty-five years, and Kenya had not faced a locust threat of such strength for seventy years.

These swarms, each of which is potentially formed by hundreds of thousands of locusts, are capable of traveling 150 km per day and devastating the livelihoods of rural populations. Millions of people in these countries are already suffering from severe food insecurity as a result of conflicts and the succession of extreme weather events that have disrupted crops in recent years.


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