There is no better antidote to depression than recovering ‘Desmadre a la americana’, the mother of student comedies, the germ of a beast humor and an anarchic spirit that continues to this day, with ‘Porkys’ and the like, the pranks of the ‘Jackass’ and the joyous insolence of the Farrelly brothers as worthy heirs. In the summer of 1978, the university campuses of the United States experienced a rebellion. It is not a joke. The premiere of the film by John Landis triggered acts of hedonistic barbarism, similar to the adventures of a group of novice students, bounced from the pija and aria Omega brotherhood, who end up in Delta House, the hovel of the crápulas and repeaters. There are those who know by heart the parliaments of the mourned John Belushi, who has his first appearance urinating with a glass in his hand. Four years later, the actor died of an overdose in bungalow number 3 of the Chateau Marmont hotel, on Sunset Boulevard.

His Bluto Blutarsky character stars in the most memorable gags based on excess: he devastates the ‘self service’ to the rhythm of Sam Cooke, empties a bottle of bourbon in one gulp and destroys the guitar of a mellow singer-songwriter. He hardly speaks. Dressed as a Roman, his image remains an icon of debauchery to the cry of “toga !, toga!”. ‘Desmadre a la americana’ advocates opposition to authority as a vital creed and anticipates that the future will be for the ‘freaks’. College fraternities have changed forever since this hilarious vindication of chaos recalled that college years can be the best or worst of your life. It’s just a matter of attitude.

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